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Financial Wellness Newsletter – Spring
Financial Wellness Newsletter
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We are pleased to present you with a variety of tools to help you manage your credit, save for the future, or just learn about budgeting, investing, and working to ensure your family’s financial future.
Throughout this website, you’ll find exciting information, including articles on:
  • Budgeting and debt management
  • Defining and setting goals for financial security
  • Establishing good financial habits
  • Monitoring monthly expenditures
  • Avoiding scams and fraud
  Frank Lee, a member of the Economics and Business Faculty at Pitt Community College, discusses Economics Today - Where we are, where we were and Why?
  Moderator and Financial Freedom Club Board Treasurer/Secretary Maureen McNamara opens the floor to questions for the assembled panel  
  Henry McNeese, a registered representative  of AXA Advisors, presents valuable information on Savings and Retirement - Keeping your Assets Safe  
  Susan Reece, a Family Consumer Sciences Agent with the NC Cooperative Extension, shares tips on Pinching those Pennies - Saving Money during tough Economic Times  
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